Poetry and Poetics: Bára Hladíková

Featured image taken from Anatomically labelled X-Ray images (1920).


Venae Cavae


To whom it may concern,


I would like to offer my services of synovial

membranes and joints, azygos veins forming phrenic


branches united with soleus, metatarsus, flexor brevis digitorum.

I believe I am a productive entity, ischi rami to sacro-siatic ligament


dividing into networks of obturator membrane, outwards to iliac crest.

As an effective calcaneo-scaphoid with a specialization in coordination,


there is no reason I should be unemployed, other than the fusion of

intercostal spaces, mitochondrial dysfunction, enthesis fibrosis.


I also have experience in mechanical isolation, economic

malnutrition, caregiver enmeshment. It would be a


pleasure to engage my venae cavae for the

purpose of proliferating production.


Thank you for your





It hadn’t occurred to me. The remaining

coins were the last I would see in some time.


But the front door was open to the sun.

It was good to be poor and sedated and alive,


no matter the weather. If I was twenty-one

and walking with a cane, I’d look good doing it.


People always refer to the streets as alive,

but they aren’t and neither are the people.


Nostalgia is useless but I know that back

in the day, people walked slower.


They wouldn’t fill, they’d empty

their time.


Bára Hladíková is an artist and writer based in Montréal. She is the managing editor of Theta Wave and her book archiving diasporic nostalgia from the Eastern Bloc was recently published by Publication studio. She is currently working on a book-length poetics project made with found medical literature, including her own.

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