Excerpt: from Magnetic Equator by Kaie Kellough

the rainforest is a mixing board with infinite inputs and infinite outputs.  exponential root strata. riotous snakes. quarter-inch jacks & heads. male / female. holes and plugs. slithering, electric water. liana cables. bloodvine is a wire entering, plugging arrival in. line. current will be routed through the circuit. i am an overproof, alcoholic signal, outbursts clipping. the levels runneth. hover. kaieteur’s torrents kiskadee over. crackle & bloom in the woofer. georgetown bubbles & skanks tougher. smoke thunder. the old chief in the canoe gone to his mythmaker.  makunaima overlooker. el dorado lover. destroyer. high wine drifter. black & brown in the fever together. mix it darker. mix it redder. babylon haunting the jungle swelter.                    a tear, amber. rupununi resistor, a decibel louder. turn up the hemisphere. boost the mighty rainforest’s canopy into the stratosphere. exceed ire. essequibo deliverer. many rivers branch & spiel, spell black across the atlantic. liquid archive parser. the wires criscross & the curve is logarithmic. turn the dial on the mix. haunt the tidalectic. run the console. channel one channel check. spin the tape, magnetic. warble & flutter. wow & static. increase the gain ’til we overdrive the terrific. boo. boom a lick. boost the lower end, swell the lower end, theorize the lower end, occupy the lower end, the 99%, the apocalyptic fundamental fretting in the bass lean, the nothingness become boeing, becoming

Essequibo - copie
Essequibo — Collaboration between Kaie Kellough, Laura Toma and Kevin Yuen Kit at LOKI design. From Magnetic Equator, 2019

Photo credit to Melissa-Anne Cobbler, 2018.

Kaie Kellough is a novelist, poet, and sound performer. His work emerges at a crossroads of social engagement and formal experiment. Hailing from western Canada, he lives in Montréal and maintains a strong relationship with the Caribbean, with roots in Guyana, South America.

His upcoming books are: Magnetic Equator (Poetry, McClelland and Stewart, Spring 2019), and Dominoes at the Crossroads (Short Fiction, Véhicule, Fall 2019).

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