Midinette Style Sheet


The full spelling should be included in first-time reference.

Ex: The Independent Feature Project (IFP) is an organization for filmmakers across the country. The main goal of the IFP is to help filmmakers promote their works.



Apostrophes should be placed as follows, regardless of number:

Ex1: The filmmakers’ goal was to educate the community.

Ex2: Mr. Jones’ goal was to educate the community.



Use a comma before the coordinating conjunction in a series of terms (list/oxford comma).

Ex: Lions, tigers, and bears.



The use of contractions is acceptable, so long as it is consistent. Inconsistent use should be justified.



Use Em dash, not double dashes.



Always capitalize Internet.

Use website.

Use e-mail not email.

When an URL comes at the end of a sentence, put a period after it.

Use hyperlinks for relevant web sources the first time they are mentioned.



Use the full name of the interviewer and interviewee when first mentioned. Use the initials of the interviewer and the last name of the interviewee for the rest of the piece.

When referring to an interviewee, refer to their last name.



All numbers should be written out except for dates, version numbers, and measurements.



Always put periods and commas inside quotation marks.

Put question marks and exclamation points inside quotation marks unless they apply to the sentence as a whole.

Ex1: He wondered, “Will this film be a success?”

Ex2: Has anyone heard him say “don’t watch that film”?



Include footnotes at the end of the text.



Do not use tabs at the beginning of a new paragraph.

Use single spacing.

Separate paragraphs by an extra line of spacing.



Use British rather than US spellings (colour NOT color).



Movie titles, book titles, television programs, and episode titles should be in italics.

Exhibits and programs should be in title case.

Individual pieces within an exhibit should be in italics.